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Criminal Case Cheats

Criminal Case cheats for solve your case

Criminal Case is a very recent Facebook game that has taken the entire world of online gaming by storm. Not only adults but kids alike enjoy this role play game of solving crimes by identifying clues and finding hidden object games. Unlike other hidden object games, this has a storyline and has timing games, evidence analysis and witness crosschecking. There are numerous murder scenes to work on and one just cannot get enough since each scene is just so different from the previous one. Daily bonuses, inviting friends to play the game and energy from level ups can only take us so far in this fast paced game and hence the need for a good, undetectable, non malicious Criminal case hacks.

Get all the free burgers, chips and orange juice you require to get the energy levels burning high all the time. Lot of avid gamers like to speed up things a little and hence they go for some Criminal case cheats to help them and they can focus solely on solving crimes while they have unlimited cash and coins with them. People absolutely the hate the experience of getting stuck at a level due to limited time or lack of coins or just lack of energy. No more would your game for the lack of such necessities because with these easily downloadable hacks and cheats, Criminal case resources are there in unlimited amount for you. You can even get unlimited time freeze options and also options for unlimited hints while searching for missing objects.


criminal case cheats

Online Criminal Case Cheats Hack Tool Features:

  • Get Unlimited Coins
  • Get Unlimited Cash
  • Add Full Energy
  • It Works perfect with all computer systems (Mac OS, PC)
  • Updating tool system

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